Covid Policy

As a business designed to build and strengthen the worldschool community, the Pop-Up Hub values both inclusion and respect of all individuals.

We welcome every family and acknowledge their diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and viewpoints.


Image by Shane Rounce

Activity Selection

To create comfortable in-person gatherings, most of our scheduled activities focus on outdoor options including parks, open-air markets, farm tours, boat rides, hikes, etc.


Occasionally we have a museum, factory tour, historic home, or other indoor activity scheduled… but there is no pressure to partake in every activity. We schedule 1-3 activities per day and families have full freedom to decide how many they join.

No Vaccine Requirements

The Pop-Up Hub gracefully navigates around attractions that require vaccination or negative covid tests to enter. Instead of including those in our itineraries, activities with such entry requirements are noted in an “other nearby options” list.

Image by June
Group Hike

We Respect Your Views

No matter your family's covid perspective or precaution level, you are welcome to join us just the way you are. We do our best to provide a safe space while respecting your viewpoints. We kindly request attendees to equally extend this respect and inclusion to all who gather with us.