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Tips for Hosting a Pop-Up

Thanks so much for becoming a host for the Pop-Up Hub! Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect during the week as well as some tips for keeping everything running smoothly.

Set-Up & Other Notes Before Beginning

  • I will create the private WhatsApp group chat for the pop-up. There, I will link the itinerary, family directory, an article on how to use WhatsApp, and any other pertinent information for your group. This info will also be sent to all attendees via email.

  • Plan to check-in to your accommodation 24-48 hours ahead of the meet & greet time. This way even if you’re delayed in your travel, you will have a chance to right things before the pop-up begins.

  • If you have the opportunity to visit a few of the meeting points ahead of time, that helps with giving descriptions to the group. However, it’s not required because you can always send a location pin to the WhatsApp group as people start to arrive.

  • Some hosts like to compile some local knowledge ahead of time so they feel more confident. Scanning local Facebook groups can uncover some great recommendations:  ATM with lowest fees, location of the bus station / laundromat / etc, fun restaurant or ice cream stop, etc. Again, not necessary, just a suggestion if it resonates with you.

  • When attendees sign up, they have an opportunity to allow permission to use photos online. I will let you know which families have requested not to have their pictures used online. Sharing photos in the WhatsApp group is always fine.


What to Expect

  • We get a wide range of traveling families…they’re all excited to meet each other and learn about everyone’s favorite travel places, how they educate their kids, what brought them to worldschooling, etc. You will have great conversations on all sorts of topics and will make new friends both for the children and adults.  

  • People will ask you lots of questions about what the group is doing on some random day of the pop-up. Keep the itinerary handy on your phone (or a printout if you prefer).

  • Some attendees will need more ‘hand holding’ than others. You’re welcome to engage at any rate you feel is appropriate. Sometimes reminding them to look at the itinerary is all that’s necessary.

  • Families will attend the events that interest them and skip others when they need time off. Sometimes they arrange side trips on their own, it’s all good. Don’t take anything personally… you’ve provided an opportunity for everyone and they’ll participate at the right rate for them.

  • Though I’ll remind everyone to look for location pins in the itinerary and the daily announcements in the WhatsApp group, you’ll always get a lot of questions as to where people are meeting.


Daily Duties

  1. Daily Announcement – please send out a reminder of the next day’s activities on the afternoon/evening prior. These messages are typically copied and pasted from the itinerary (you can use WhatsApp within your desktop browser which makes this job much easier).

    1. Include a pin for the first meeting point of the day. Let the group know that you’ll send subsequent location pins and meeting times as the day progresses.

    2. Don’t worry about the time you send out the daily reminder, just sometime on the previous day.

  2. Attend at Least One Scheduled Activity Each Day – It’s great if it’s the first activity because it gets the group off and going (yes you need to attend the meet & greet). However, for the rest of the days it’s not required to be the first activity. Do let the group know if you’re not joining up until later in the day so they have the right expectations.

  3. Take a Break from the Itinerary – It’s absolutely fine to take breaks to sleep in or regroup in the afternoon… no need to wear yourself (or your kids) out.

  4. Be Flexible – Spontaneous ideas are definitely part of the fun. If someone wants to host a cook-out or there are some great street performers or other surprises, just say yes!

  5. Relax – You’ll find the number one reason our attendees have joined you is that they can meet other worldschoolers. The itinerary is an important piece of the puzzle, but even if things go wrong (some attraction is closed, prices are different than you thought, you send everyone to a strip mall…not kidding, I did that) it’s actually a real-life travel experience. Worldschoolers are super adaptable – seasoned travelers understand hiccups and newbies appreciate the value of travel mistakes.


Following the Pop-Up

There will be some wrap-up activities for you and for me:

  • I will send a closing email to the participants asking them to fill out an exit survey and a testimonial for the Pop-Up Hub. I typically get 2-3 responses per pop-up and will share any feedback with you.

  • Your final payment will be sent within a day or two after the pop-up is complete.

  • I like to write up a blog post for each pop-up we run called a Pop-Up Recap. If you are able to help me with that I’d appreciate it. It doesn't need to be super detailed, just a few of the itinerary highlights and some pictures (of the families who allow permission to share online).

  • If you have a moment to write up a testimonial as a host and your experience working with us, I’d really appreciate that.

Any other questions, please reach out via email or WhatsApp. We're so happy you've taken on this project. 

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