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Blue Sky


It doesn’t matter where we are within our worldschool journeys…domestic travelers, passport stamp collectors, seasoned veterans or complete newbies…we all need community!

Meet the Carlson Family: Our family of five has always traveled extensively...however in 2014 we sold our house and belongings to begin a path that evolved into full-time travel and worldschooling. Our teens/tween children have been to five continents and Caribbean and Pacific islands, but if you ask us our favorite destinations, we most fondly remember the places we've engaged with other worldschoolers. This platform is dedicated to providing opportunity for community to all traveling families.

We make our best memories with you!

Children's Race


Our goal is to design gatherings to openly accept all traveling families, providing a safe space for connection, engagement, and affordable exploration of our planet.

Drop the Back Story

Worldschooling families are unique. We live and learn outside the box and don’t necessarily fit in the framework of conventional society…not everybody gets us. 

Meeting other worldschoolers is a chance to drop the back story. We know why you value travel. There is no need to defend how you educate your children or justify your lifestyle choices. We get it, we live it too. 

Our pop-ups are an extraordinary opportunity to connect with like-minded, non-judgmental families. There's no better platform to share notes on places to go, educational resources, or how to navigate the worldschooling lifestyle. 

Image by Duy Pham
Image by Michael Longmire

Don't Break the Bank

How many times have we heard “worldschooling sounds amazing, but we could never afford it!”? It comes down to how we travel. Yes there are transport costs, accommodation costs and sporadic entrance fees, but most of our world exploration comes without a hefty price tag: strolling the streets, hiking the trails, enjoying free museums & concerts, building sand castles, swimming the creeks, meandering through markets, eating like locals, and chatting with people along the way.

Worldschooling can be a sustainable lifestyle. Our Pop-Up Hub itineraries revolve around local offerings that are easy on the pocket book, teaching you a way to authentically explore and connect without major attraction fees.

No Prerequisites

Worldschoolers come in many different flavors: Maybe you slow travel, seek residence in a foreign country, only travel domestically during school breaks, or have a whirlwind around-the-world trip planned. Perhaps you’re just curious about worldschooling. Guess what -- you qualify!

The important part is we’ve found you and you’ve found us! Come join us, you're more than welcome.

Image by Aaron Burden
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