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The Pop-Up Hub's gatherings create the ideal space for traveling families to explore, connect, relax, learn, and grow...all in the company of other worldschoolers. We love the connections, but it's more than just that. It's also the simplicity of the week.

Attendees receive a message each day with the following day's schedule... no planning effort for your family! Every day provides opportunities for learning... plus the children are much more willing to check out the museum or go on the nature walk with friends! The built-in peer network means everyone is more willing to jump into a fun-filled week. But don't take our word for it:


As a family brand new to worldschooling, the pop-up was an invaluable experience. Not only did we have quality built-in playmates for our kids (I was endlessly impressed by every child in this group), but in listening to others’ stories, I gained months of knowledge about the options, challenges, and joys of this lifestyle.  After each day, I came home engulfed in thought and could reflect on my family and consider what might work best for us. So grateful for the experience, and the connections we've made with this wonderful community!!

Nataliya P 

*Photo @Merida, Photo Credit @Penang: Chong See Ming

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What an amazing experience! We just attended our first pop-up and it was simply wonderful, and such a game changer for us! We are new to worldschooling, but after four months on the road we almost threw in the towel due to feeling overwhelmed by having to constantly plan our days, in brand new environments, and feeling alone and isolated while being the sole source of connection for our children.


The pop up provided an instant community with opportunities to connect and share with like-minded families, all while making new discoveries, and exploring new places, with an itinerary I couldn’t have planned better. I just can’t say enough! We’ve already signed up for another pop-up in a months time. 


—Annalyce LaSource, California 

*They scheduled their 2nd pop-up hours after the first finished.

*Photo @New York City

Tanyard Creek

The worldschool pop-up hubs are an absolutely essential tool to bring worldschooling families together. Thank you Rachel for creating such an amazing resource! I cannot wait to see pop-up hubs happening year-round all over the world!!

Max L (pop-up attendee & and two-time host)
Facebook Review

*Photo @Bentonville 2021, @Teotihuacan: Photo Credit Max Lee

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We spent the last week of our 9-week roadtrip at the Bentonville Arkansas pop-up ~~ a perfect capstone to the trip. We met new friends, had great local experiences and gained new perspectives on approaches to worldschooling. We look forward to attending more popups in the future.

The Hart Family


PS They've now attended 5!

*Photo Credit @Merida: Chong See Ming

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Worldschool Pop-Up Hub did a fantastic job planning and hosting the Bentonville Pop-up. Rachel set out to create such a magical and community-focused week. We loved the ability to simply show up and participate in the week's activities. They were also a great mixture of outdoors, museums, food and relaxed hang-outs. I'm so excited more pop-ups are being scheduled and we would not hesitate to sign up for another week! It truly is the perfect mix of chill and organized with no pressure from either end. Well worth the investment!

Jessica S from Arkansas
*Photo @Madison


Rachel did such an amazing job putting together an itinerary for the pop-up in Madison! We got to do so many things that I wouldn’t have thought to add to a trip as someone visiting the area for the first time. I felt like I was getting to experience the city like a local. And best of all? The Worldschool Pop-Up came with a built-in community for us to travel with. Definitely an all-around win.

Jacob Smith, nomadic traveler

Never-ending Field Trip


Our family attended both the Guanajuato, Mexico and the Mexico City pop-ups. It was a great way to get to know new, likeminded people, while exploring areas you may not have known about. Our kids were able to connect with other kids, which for them is what traveling is all about. I think the pop-ups have a nice mix of museums, parks, and experiences so you feel like you have had a well-rounded experience of the place. All activities are optional, so you can pack your days, or pick and choose what you want to do. Attending a cooking class, heading to a water park, and going on a boat ride in Xochimilco are all things that stand out in my mind! We would definitely attend another pop up given the chance, mainly for connection and community!

The Mora Family

*Attended 2 pop-ups so far


*Photo @Xochimilco in Mexico City

We LOVE worldschool pop ups! We have attended 6 and are looking forward to more. After a pop up our hearts are filled with friendship and we feel like we really got to know the location without having to do a ton of research ourselves.

Rachel organizes a little bit of everything: sightseeing, history, the environment, and culture. She does this in such an open and friendly way that attendees feel no pressure to participate in every group activity. It’s just as easy to pick and choose between daily events, as it is to roll with it and to do them all!

The best thing about the pop-ups are the connections both adults and kids build. It is so fun to see friends again and again, in different parts if the world. Worldschoolers are the most open and accepting people I have met, who enjoy each other’s company and share excitement without judgement.”

Sandra & Mike V, Colorado

*Joined for 6 pop-ups so far!

*Photo @London

airship coffee.jpg

We had a blast at the Northwest Arkansas Pop-up! It was really great for the both us to finally meet people in person that I’d been chatting with online in the group. We look forward to the next one! ~Mikaela&Me

Kara Sue from Ohio

*Attended 2 pop-ups with 2 more scheduled

*Photos @NYC & @Bentonville

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-28 at 11.56.49 AM.jpeg

Our week at the pop-up was a beautiful experience that exceeded my expectations. I have made amazing memories and friendships and I look forward to meeting our new friends again during our travels. We are now confident that we can have the best of both worlds, a nomadic lifestyle and a strong sense of community."

Anna H 

*2nd pop-up is already scheduled

*Photo Credits @Guanajuato & @Merida: Chong See Ming

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Worldschool Pop-Up Hubs meet the needs of so many kinds of families. If you want to connect or commiserate with other traveling families, join a pop-up. If you're interested in a particular place but feel tired of researching yet another destination, join a pop-up. If you're looking for playmates for your children, join a pop-up. If you want to build friendships across cultures, join a pop-up. My family's experience offered all of this, against the fascinating backdrop of Veracruz, Mexico, and we'll be looking to merge our travels with a pop-up in the future!

—Stephanie T.

*Photo Credit @Veracruz: Sarah De Santi

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