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Pop-Up FAQs

Below you'll find information on how the pop-ups work, responsibilities of the attendees, lodging and accommodation recommendations, our diversity policy, etc. If something is missing from the list, please reach out to let us know! Contact Us

How do these pop-ups work?

Think of the pop-up as a micro-community where families gather to hang out, play, and explore. There is an itinerary to highlight cool things to experience at the destination, but the main purpose of the pop-up is to provide the space and time for traveling families to connect. 

Families have full autonomy over where they stay, how they get around, and how involved they are with pop-up activities. Everyone is encouraged to attend the activities which interest them most... plus the group often makes spontaneous decisions such as skip the museum and have a BBQ instead! There are no set rules, we provide the framework and worldschool connections, you provide the friendship and fun. 

What does a typical pop-up look like?

Every pop-up has it's own vibe. Typically the initial meet-and-greet activity is where everyone goes through those first introductions and begins to get to know one another. Then throughout the week, families join the schedule as they have energy and interest. Oftentimes families will share a meal together or even invite one another over to their rental if the kids have really connected. Anything goes!

This post helps set proper expectations for how our events are structured: Pop-Up Prep

Sample itineraries are here: Madison Wisconsin Itinerary & St Petersburg Florida Itinerary

The more effort your family puts into chatting and playing and conversations, the more you will get out of the event. 

Can I attend part of the pop-up?
Yes! Join us for as many days that are feasible for your family. The fee, however, stays the same. The pop-up is a week-long package and you'll get access to the family directory, private chat groups, the full schedule, and our mobile in-person community.


Sorry, we are unable to split off single days or pieces of the package. From the coordination perspective, breaking off pieces of the package for families who just want to attend a portion of the event is time-consuming and difficult to manage. We try to give as much lead-time possible for our events so families have the chance to coordinate their travel plans with the full pop-up week.

Can I join the pop-up after it starts?

Yes! Unless an event is sold out, tickets stay on sale through the entire pop-up and it's easy to join at any point. 

How many families join your pop-ups?

We typically have 7-12 families attend any given pop-up. However, occasionally we are surprised (sometimes it's an intimate group of 2-3 families, but Merida, Normandy, Penang, Valencia, Kuala Lumpur, and London had 25+ attending families)! Both small and large groups have their advantages... but regardless of group size, there is always time to foster new friendships and explore together.

Are there limits to the number of participants?

Sometimes. Depending on the host and location we occasionally have limits on the number of tickets we sell to an event. These are stated in the event details (you must click the "read more" link or click the "Register Now" button if you're on mobile to access the full information). 

What's the best age for attending children?

There is no best age... there are many perfect ages! We've welcomed children from infanthood through 18 years old and older(!) into our events. Your children will fit in no matter their age because worldschooled kids tend to connect with each other across age 'boundaries''s really beautiful to see them naturally play in multi-age groups.

Additionally, our gatherings are designed with everyone in mind... museums, playgrounds, nature walks, food carts, coffee in the square... and the itineraries are flexible. If your family needs a break (a morning to sleep in, an afternoon nap, or a full day off), that's perfectly acceptable. You absolutely can adapt our schedule for your children at any age.

NOTE: Our activities are family-oriented and we do not provide babysitting or educational classes for children (though obviously there are plenty of opportunities for learning). These are events for the whole family to enjoy together. 

Will there be any teens/tweens there?

Very likely! We are thrilled that families with tweens and teens seek out our pop-ups...perhaps more than other ages because adolescence brings a new need for peer interactions and social experiences. This has been a huge benefit for our family because the Carlson kids fall into this age range as well. Honestly, this need is the main factor we founded the Pop-Up Hub...we want our children to enjoy these travel experiences yet still have regular "teen things" to do. 


We've noticed worldschooling adolescents are much more content when there is the prospect of meeting peers... and it's a huge bonus that they understand this lifestyle and its challenges. Plus, as a parent, it's absolutely lovely to see the teens have an opportunity to hang out at a mall, host a pool party, or just enjoy a fancy coffee drink at the town square. So, though there is no guarantee, we have an excellent record of attracting teens and tweens to these events.


Can you tell me the kids ages for the families already signed up?

We keep track of attendees' ages and share those updates in our newsletter (sign up in the footer below) and in the private Facebook groups for each event.

When can I see the itinerary?

The itineraries are finalized 12-14 days prior to the pop-up start date. The schedule is released in an online format and is emailed to each paid participant. 

Can I get a copy of the itinerary to help me decide if we'll attend? 

Sorry, we don't share the itinerary outside of our registered attendees. ​These schedules take us a long time to construct because we group activities by area and ensure those attractions are open on the days we have scheduled (especially for lining up the right days for the farmers markets, outdoor concerts, festivals, or "free days/hours" offered at museums). 

However, we disclose what we can about the agenda. You'll find a generalized list of activities in the event's page on our website... those listed activities will be on the itinerary. If you have a specific question -- "We are only going to attend for the first half of the pop-up and really want to see Attraction X. Will that be scheduled in the first few days?" -- it's always fine to contact us privately and we will assist:  Contact Form.

Do you have repeat customers?

Absolutely! Worldschooling families resonate with these events. There is nothing like feeling you have a 'home' while you're traveling... and there is nothing like seeing our friends over and over again, all around the globe! 

We are so grateful to the families who have joined us, realized that a mobile community is exactly what they need, and have rearranged their travels so they can come back for more! Who knows...maybe you will become the next pop-up groupie?! Please browse our Testimonials page.

When will you release the next season's pop-up destinations? Can you release popups further into the future?

We are always adding events to the our calendar... and not necessarily in chronological order. Unfortunately I do not always know when and where our host families are going to be available but I publish our popups as quickly as I can.

  • The best way to view our confirmed schedule is on the Upcoming Events page.

  • The best way to receive all new updates is to subscribe to our mailing list (link in footer). 

  • Note: We have a 3-month minimum time on our published calendar. 

Are you going to offer a pop-up in [insert favorite destination here]?

We'd love to offer as many pop-ups as possible and appreciate all suggestions... however, if it doesn't fall within our travel path, it's unlikely the Carlson family can host that destination. But here's the good news:

We help other worldschoolers host events on our platform. Our long term vision is to have pop-ups happening simultaneously across the globe so traveling families always have access to community, regardless of where they roam. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in hosting an event, please tell us!  We rent out itineraries for those who would like to host a pop-up in an area we've already traveled... but we also help individuals create a new pop-up in their destination of choice. Please check our Become a Host or Hosting Pop-Up Q&A pages for more information on how this works. If you'd like to check if there are cohosting opportunities, take a peek at our Co-Host Hook-Up Platform.

What are the fees to attend?

The cost is US$140/family which includes parents, partners, and children. It's okay to bring along grandparents, a special friend, or an aunt/uncle... but if these guests are also bringing children, then that family needs to purchase their own ticket. Early bird rates are US$100/family. Discount codes are available for families in need and are stated in each event's details.

Who can use the discount code?

Discounts are available to families who cannot afford our set rates. Typically these are families with financial struggles or solo parents who don't have funds to cover our regular rates.

Where do the fees go?

Our payout structure is built to reward the hosts on the ground for making these gatherings possible (thank you hosts!!). The host receives 50% of the ticket revenues, the pop-up designer receives 10% (this typically is the host but some hosts rent already prepared itineraries), and the Worldschool Pop-Up Hub retains 40% for administrative time & costs. 

Can you extend the Early Bird rates?

No, sorry. The Early Bird rates are set in the contracts with each host. The expiration of these rates is clearly noted in our event details and it's unfair to ask our hosts to honor discounts that have expired.

Are pop-up fees refundable?

Fees are nonrefundable, however if your plans change and you can no longer attend an event we offer partial credit.

  • Those who cancel 4+ weeks before the pop-up start date receive a 75% credit with the Pop-Up Hub (alternatively families who elect to share their credit with our scholarship platform can pass along 100% of their pop-up fee).

  • Those who cancel within 4-weeks of the start date receive a 50% credit whether or not they keep it or pass it onto the scholarship fund.

Can I get a refund if I'm sick and cannot attend?

Fees are nonrefundable. Please consider purchasing a travel insurance policy. Insurance policies can compensate your expenses for sudden cancelation or need to depart early due to an emergency. Read the policies carefully to see what is and isn't covered as well as what percentage of your expenses they will reimburse. If you want a comprehensive plan, you'll need to secure CFAR insurance (Cancel For Any Reason), otherwise you're limited to the reasons listed in the policy which may not include non-life-threatening illness. 

Scholarship fund? Tell me about that.  

Scholarships are provided by the greater worldschool community and we offer them as often as possible. Each donor can set up parameters for the recipient (perhaps families with teens/tweens or neurodiverse family members or limited financial means, etc) and can donate either tickets to a specific event or a credit. Credits can be used at any event or toward hosting fees if a family chooses to host a pop-up with us. 

Current scholarships are announced via our newsletters. More info here: Scholarship Fund

I understand the pop-up fee doesn't including lodging. What's is included and what do I arrange on my own?

The pop-up fee includes a friendly worldschool host, private communication groups, our awesome schedule of family-friendly activities, photo share groups, and the chance to meet and explore the planet with other worldschoolers.

Transport, lodging, meals, visas, and entrance fees are the responsibility of the attendees. Typically we build our schedules around free or low-cost activities, however, sometimes there are more expensive or iconic attractions that are worth visiting while we're in the area. We always note any entry fees in the itinerary so families can properly plan their week to honor their budget and interests. More information here: Event Details.

Where do I find out more about what visas are necessary?

Families are responsible for determining if they are qualified to travel to the pop-up destination as well as acquiring their own visas. The Worldschool Pop-Up Hub does not offer visa services, however, if you ask a question in the private Facebook groups, it's likely someone has advice.

What neighborhood will be most central to the pop-up events?

Please read the event's details on the website, you will need to click the "read more" link to open the full details. We give neighborhood suggestions for each of our gatherings and also disclose the general area for the host family's lodging. Also feel free to ask neighborhood questions in the private Facebook Group which is arranged for each event.

Is shared lodging available?

Typically not... however, each event has a private Facebook group linked to it so attendees can chat about sharing a rental or staying at the same campground, guesthouse, etc. You're absolutely welcome to connect with each other and line up shared lodging (especially nice option for solo parents).

Why do you require a photo release?

We require a photo release from all families because it’s complicated and time-consuming to honor individual photo preferences. We build community-based events and part of that means participants are mixed together while we’re exploring... big kids are carrying littler kids, families are sitting around tables, everyone piles on the playground equipment, kids are holding hands while they walk down the street, etc, etc, etc. Though it’s possible to duck out of the posed group pictures, it’s beyond difficult to stop the kids from naturally clustering together while playing with their new friends.

Though I'm empathetic to a photo opt-out request, it just isn't feasible. Trying to sort 50-100+ faces to remove a few is extremely difficult, believe me I've tried. Additionally, it's stressful for me because I would feel terrible if something slipped through. Thank you for understanding.

We use event pictures online because they support and demonstrate the Worldschool Pop-Up Hub provides solid community experiences for our attendees. Our photos likely have influenced your family's interest in attending our pop-ups, too. Attendees love the pictures for the memories… plus other worldschool friends across the globe appreciate seeing their buddies enjoying our pop-up communities, too.

We never use names or tags in our photos. Also, pictures are not posted until the end of the day (at the earliest) so wherever the group was during photos is no longer their current location. Please browse our website and Facebook / Instagram if you want examples of pictures we post, that may help you decide if its within your comfort zone. We apologize for not allowing flexibility on this: Instagram & Facebook

Does the Worldschool Pop-Up Hub have a diversity policy?

As a business designed to build and strengthen the worldschool community, the Pop-Up Hub values both inclusion and respect of all individuals. We welcome every family and acknowledge your diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and viewpoints. To date, we've had participants who are neurodiverse, span the LGBTQ+ community, come from varying socio-economic backgrounds, practice all major religions or no religion at all, hail from all corners of our earth, elected to be solo parents, have multiracial families, speak English as a second or third language, live with an ongoing disability, or are unique in some other beautiful way.

Please join us with your most authentic you! We do our best to provide a safe space for you and your family. We kindly request attendees to equally extend this respect and inclusion to all who gather with us. 

I'm not a worldschooler yet, can I still attend?

Yes! In our eyes, worldschooling families are those who value travel and real-life exposure as a foundational piece of their child-rearing and lifestyle goals. If you are worldschooling-curious and want to meet other traveling families, you're more than welcome at our events. This is how our community grows, everyone is welcome and we all encourage one another. 


Need additional clarification? We're always here to help. Let us know what's on your mind, we'll find the answers. 

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