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Thanks for checking out how we've been mentioned around the web:


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When we started the Worldschool Pop-Up Hub, I never imagined I'd become a spokesperson for traveling with teens, creating community as we pursue our travels, unschooling, traveling light (we only have a carry-on each and share a checked bag which contains sharps in our kitchen kit and liquids in our first aid kit), etc. 

So happy others have found valuable content via our experiences!

Interview with Our Offbeat Life

We first met David & Brodi at our Merida Pop-Up, saw them twice more during our Mexico travels! Now they're ready to jump in as hosts (Buenos Aires Dec 2023). 

We talk about traveling, tricky bits of worldschooling, and reasons why community is so important.
Our Offbeat Life YouTube Channel.

Interview with The Conrad Family

I chat with my good friends Cecilie & Jesper about creating these communities, and a bit about unschooling as well.


Read more about it on their podcast website. If you prefer, an audio track of the interview is also available there. 

Interview with Lizz Quain at Trailblazing Families 

Rachel shares tips on traveling light, traveling with teens, keeping to a budget, and much more!


She also shares why she and her family launched their worldschool pop up program and how others can host a pop up!

Interview with Lizz Quain at Trailblazing Families: Worldschool Hub Organizers

This talk features Patty Rojas of Anahata which is in the Yucatan Peninsula, Emmy Broeders who runs an annual hub in both Bansko & the Netherlands, and Rachel Carlson who has organizes Worldschool Pop-Up Hub programs all over the world.

Blog Posts


Blog Posts

Over time I've been asked to give written interviews plus some of our past participants and hosts have felt compelled to share their experiences with others. There is a treasure trove of info here, hope you find what you're looking for! 

The 5 World Explorers describe their first pop-up experience as hosts in Veracruz, Mexico 2023. They've since hosted in Florence, attended in Normandy 2023, and have plans to join Kuala Lumpur in 2024:

Our friend Megan (who has attended in Merida, Madison, NYC, & Normandy) and has hosted in Cincinnati, Lisbon, and a few unpublished events, talks about how connecting with community during their travels has made all the difference:

Magpie Eye Photography shares her Athens Pop-Up experience and amazing photos from our event:


Community Connecter interview with the folks at Wonder Year:

Info from a conglomeration of parents creating worldschool communities:



One of our Proudest Moments: Worldschool Prom 2023... at a castle... in Normandy...  unbelievable!

Not sure how many will make vlogs for us, but we're super thankful to The 5 World Explorers and Fire Walking Journey for creating videos of their experiences at the Worldschool Pop-Up Hub! Thanks so much! 

The First Worldschool Prom

We are at this beautiful château in France with over 30 traveling families attending a worldschooling pop-up. But what is one of the big plans for this week? The first worldschooling prom!!!


It is the chance for the teens to dress up and spend an evening dancing and having fun together, and it couldn't happen in a better setting!!!

What is a Worldschool Pop-Up? 

Welcome to Veracruz, Mexico! This is where we hosted our first pop-up! We planned many different activities to enjoy with the participating families like café lechero and the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.

BUT... the most magical aspect was seeing how easily everyone connected. We soon realized that it wasn't about where we were and what we were doing, but whom we were with.

What is the draw to the Worldschool Pop-Up Hub? 

Thanks Max for describing what drew your family to our events and how you stepped into a hosting role! So glad to have you on board and know that you've found value in our mobile communities.

Max's family attended in Merida 2022, then hosted in Mexico City 2022 and Penang 2023. For those interested, Max & Rachel have teamed up to host a Taipei event together in Oct 2023!

Blog Posts

How Else Can We Help? 

We're so proud of all the events we've created and all the families we've connected! What else do you need to know before joining one of our events? 

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