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Worldschoolers Supporting One Another

Occasionally we have a donation of ​tickets to a specific pop-up or a credit to use toward any event on the calendar. Current scholarships are announced via our mailing list (subscribe in footer below) and past scholarship gifts and recipients are recorded in this blog post: The Gift of Community

Sometimes our scholarships have certain requirements for applicants: families with limited financial means, people of color, neurodiverse family members, solo parents, families interested in hosting an event, etc.

Sometimes there are no requirements at all!


For families who qualify, we invite you to fill the form below when we have a scholarship to offer. You will need to fill the form each time a new scholarship is available because the parameters vary between donations. To protect privacy, we'll ask you how you'd like to be recognized online in the case that you have been selected for the scholarship.


Three requests:

  1. Please only apply when we have a current scholarship to offer (info in our mailing lists).

  2. Please only apply once per family per offering.

  3. Read our FAQs and Terms & Conditions. If you're selected for the scholarship, we expect you'll agree to our photo release, company policies, etc.

  4. Please add to your contact list.


Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Scholarship Application

Who Are We


Need additional clarification? We're always here to help. Let us know what's on your mind, we'll find the answers. 

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