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Design Proposal

Thank you for taking interest in designing a pop-up with us. We couldn't do this without worldschoolers like you! If you have questions about hosting you can review our Hosting Q&A Page.

For those interested in creating a new pop-up destination, we walk you through the entire process via Google Forms. These documents are designed to set your ideas into motion, and help you locate information on diverse activities, accommodation options, and transport advice necessary to draw worldschoolers to your event. You will work on one form at a time, receiving the subsequent forms after completion. 

  • Form #1: Application to Design a Pop-Up

  • Form #2: Minimum Event Details

  • Form #3: Itinerary Brainstorm and Design Phase

  • Form #4: Itinerary Schedule & Social Media Engagement

If you're ready to begin, fill out the preliminary form below. This will trigger a response email which includes a link to the Form #1. Once you complete Form #1, we will review your answers, request clarifications, settle on pop-up dates, and send you a copy of the contract. There is no commitment or payment until the contract is signed.


  1. In the case of a Co-Designer, please have both parties separately fill out this proposal, mentioning the desire to work together. We will set up group communication and email you directions on how to cooperatively work within the Forms.

  2. Please add to your contact list and watch for that email!

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Preliminary Destination Proposal

Thanks for submitting. We look forward to coordinating with you!

Who Are We


Need additional clarification? We're always here to help. Let us know what's on your mind, we'll find the answers. 

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