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Welcome to our Pop-Ups

Where the Event is the Experience

It's a choose-your-own-adventure soiree to connect with others and celebrate our worldschooling lifestyles.

But how exactly do they work?

What does the fee cover?

What do I arrange on my own?

What does a typical itinerary look like?

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What's Included?

Costs are US$70 per family $50 early bird (increasing to $100 & $70 / family in Nov 2022), regardless of the number of children or grandparents.


Fees include a week-long itinerary and daily schedule. The activities cover diverse local offerings ranging from nature to history to food and art and culture. The itinerary is flexible; there's no pressure to attend the full schedule.


We arrange 1-3 activities per day to explore the local area, as well as provide the time and space to connect with other worldschoolers. Plus, the group can make spontaneous additions such as a pick-up Frisbee game, a bonfire, or a stop at a coffee shop!

Your fees also cover the cost of having a friendly host on the ground. Hosts are part of the worldschooling community and are available to coordinate group activities, answer questions and help smooth out any travel issues that may arise.

Last but not least, you're guaranteed to meet other worldschoolers. We want you to converse, connect and collaborate...we want you to glean information from each other. Therefore we provide a secure, private messaging group for attendees to utilize during the pop-up. 

Ultimately, you and your kids will explore the planet with other amazing worldschoolers! 

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What Do I Arrange?

Families coordinate their own transport, accommodation and meals. Our pop-ups intentionally exclude these items so no one is priced out of an event due to the expense of all-inclusive plans. This gives flexibility to arrange travel for a shorter or longer period that overlaps the pop-up week and allows each family to stay within their budget.


Suggestions are provided for local neighborhoods and RV/campgrounds for those who prefer to be located near other attendees. If your family needs assistance in coordinating details, please reach out. We will find a mentor for you!

Note: Though our itineraries are built upon on free or low-cost activities, some destinations include options with day-use or entrance fees. Families are responsible for those fees but will be well aware of any extra costs ahead of time. We coordinate group ticket rates whenever possible. 

Want some help with finding accommodation? Click the button below for a rundown of lodging options. The linked article has fantastic ideas for newbies and seasoned travelers. 

Also, do not overlook a certain type of lodging because you're with a family. Sometimes you find a local family that loves to host worldschoolers. Some hostels offer private family dorm rooms. There are plenty of creative accommodation solutions. 

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Sample Itinerary


Morning: Meet & Greet at the Farmer's Market

Afternoon: Swim at the beach/pool


Mid-morning: Attend local cultural demonstration (regional cuisine, traditional craft, music & dance presentation, etc) 

Afternoon: Ice cream on the square

Evening: Enjoy the street buskers at the plaza


Morning: Free day at the museum

Lunch: Food trucks

Afternoon: Stroll the botanical gardens

Evening: Sunset campfire at the lake


Afternoon: Tour the local farm

Evening: Concert in the park


Field trip - visit an interesting destination up to 1hr away (nature preserve, historic home, ancient ruins, etc)

Evening: Teen's night out


Mid-morning: Volunteer beach clean-up & picnic

Mid-afternoon: Teens babysit at playground, adults go to happy hour


Morning: Hike & picnic

Evening: Stroll the local Friday Art Walk


Morning: Enjoy the activities at a local festival