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Worldschool Prom 2025: A Sunset Riverboat Party on the Danube

Updated: Jun 30

Hello & welcome to Worldschool Prom 2.0! Our first worldschool prom was held in a castle in Normandy, talk about a night to remember! Here's the link to our recap blog post: Our First Fairytale Worldschool Prom

Ever since Prom 2023, friends and family (and strangers) have been asking “when / where is the next one”? I wish it was an easy choice to run a prom, but I won't lie, it's time consuming and stressful to organize an event of this caliber. We needed some time to mull it over.

Truth be told, we set the bar pretty high when we held prom in a castle. How could we ever top that? We had to do some serious thinking about our next prom venue because we want to create a memorable event just as special as our first. One day, my daughter had a fantastic idea: prom on a sunset cruise. Now we're talking!

We searched high and low for the right boat, on the right river, in the right price range... and we've found it in Budapest. We’re so excited to announce the next Worldschool Pop-Up Hub's Prom in May 2025!

Rachel, Jasper, & Kemaya before the graduation ceremony. We don't have a full family picture. We thought we'd see him afterwards. But...Whoosh! He was out of there!

The Danube River at Sunset!!

A Little Background Info: What’s a prom?

A prom is a fancy dance commonly held in the springtime for US high school students (roughly 16 – 18-year-olds). In other countries it’s known as a Spring Formal. This may be one of the only times in our kids’ lives that they get fully dressed up for a posh event of their own!

Worldschool Prom 2.0 will be held entirely on the riverboat. Unlimited non-alcoholic drinks are included in our package and the boat has both indoor and outdoor areas, a great sound system, LED lights, plenty of room to dance, bathrooms (thank goodness), and loads of photo ops!

We’ll depart at 7:30pm for a four hour cruise on the river. Sunset is shortly after 8pm so we’ll have the best of both worlds! The prom overlaps with sunset lighting and doubles as a sightseeing cruise to see Budapest lit up at night. 

Shortly after Sunset on the Danube River


Similar to our first Worldschool Prom, we will host a one-week pop-up gathering for traveling families to gather, socialize, and explore Budapest together prior to the prom. This provides an opportunity for our teens to get to know one another before the big dance... so nice to attend a prom with newfound friends vs a group of complete strangers!

This will be Worldschool Pop-Up Hub's second time in Budapest. Our first pop-up there took place in November 2023... chilly days, hiking in the woods, admiring the architecture, strolling the riverside, UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Children's Railway, thermal baths, board game cafes, and winter activities such as ice skating and Christmas markets!

Budapest Pop-Up November 2023

And to make sure everyone has a chance to hang out, as well as get a feel for Budapest, we'll include many of these activities in our next pop-up itinerary as well. But don't worry, we'll swap out ice skating for spring-time activities like visiting the new blooms at the gardens.

Some our our pop-up places can easily handle a large crowd, while other activities will necessitate splitting into smaller groups. It's all part of our popup plan and we're quite comfortable creating a system for allowing larger groups to explore Budapest, while still having time to socialize.

Budapest's Danube Riverside After Dark


I know everybody has loads of questions… so let's go:

When will Prom 2025 be held?

  • Friday 9 May, 2025 in Budapest, Hungary.

What ages are welcome at the prom?

  • Teens ages 14 - 19, with no exceptions. There will be worldschool chaperones present, as well as boat staff. 

How much will prom cost?

  • Tickets will be between 55 - 60€ per teen.

What is included with the prom ticket?

  • The 4-hr sunset and after dark Danube River cruise as well as unlimited soft drinks (Pepsi products, still and sparkling water, Toma fruit juices, coffee, & tea). The ride is from 19:30 - 23:30.

Are there discounts if I have more than one teen attending prom?

  • Sorry, no. Each teen needs to pay the same ticket fee to cover the costs of the boat ride + unlimited drinks.

Is there also going to be a pop-up?

Do I have to attend the pop-up in order to go to the prom?

  • Yes. We want the teens to have a chance to get to know each other beforehand. Prom will be held the last night of the pop-up.

How else will the teens meet each other?

  • Closer to the prom date, we’ll set up a WhatsApp group for the teens so they can talk amongst themselves before the pop-up.

  • We also planned teen-friendly activities during the pop-up week so they can hang out in person.

  • Plus, we expect some families to be in the area for 3-4 weeks. We'll set up a WhatsApp group for families arriving early, so they can coordinate extra hang out time before the official pop-up begins. P.S. The Carlson Family will be in Budapest from April 22nd - May 20th.

How can I purchase prom tickets?

  • Tickets can be purchased during the pop-up week: please plan to pay in cash, in euros. When you sign up for the Budapest Pop-Up there will be a field on your registration form to verify how many of your teens will attend prom.

Is there a limit for how many teens can attend prom?

  • As much as we’d love for everybody to be able to come, our boat can fit a maximum of 130 teens. 

Is there a limit to how many families can attend the pop-up?

  • We initially capped the event at 50 families, but will open up more tickets if we feel we can handle a larger group.

Will there be co-living like the last prom?

  • Not this time. Families are welcome to coordinate with other families / friends, but we personally aren’t arranging a co-living space. The Carlson Family will be in Budapest for a full month (Apr 22 - May 20) and would love to hang out with whoever else is in the area!

Can we stay close to your family?

  • Yes, of course. The Carlsons will be staying between District V and District VII, just southwest of Klauzal Square. Other neighborhood recommendations are in the Budapest Pop-Up Event details.

Is there a dress code?

  • Teens are encouraged to dress in any manner that is fancy for them. We know while traveling, it can be hard to carry around fancy dresses/suits and, while those outfits are welcome they're not mandatory or expected. We only ask that the teens wear something more exciting than a t-shirt and shorts. We want this dance to be for the teens and we’d love for them to wear something memorable and fancy, whatever that means to them. 

Is the prom LGBTQ++ Friendly?

  • All our events are Queer-Friendly and inclusive of all humans, however you authentically live your life. Our diversity policy is described in our FAQs.

What kind of music will be playing?

  • A bit of everything! Last prom, the kids set up a way to take recommendations and curated a playlist containing songs from every decade since the 60s! We plan something similar this year.

Where do the kids go for dinner?

  • This is up to each family, however, please feed your teen before the boat ride. Snacks will not be available on the boat, only beverages. The ride starts at 7:30, so plan appropriately. You do not want to miss the boat!

Will there be limo rides or other fancy things to do?

  • This is also up to your own family. You're more than welcome to hire a limo or coordinate a group limo ride for our teens. However you want to participate and volunteer is acceptable to us.

What are the volunteer positions?

  • Photographer(s)

  • Chaperones (chaperones need to pay for their boat ride)

  • Slideshow compilation of pop-up pictures from the week

  • Any auxiliary pre-prom activity coordination that fits into a "fancy" night for our teens

Note: We will set up a volunteer spreadsheet closer to prom time.

That’s it for now! Please feel free to join the Facebook group to chat among other interested families.

We’re so excited!! Already counting down the days ♥️

Snapshots of Castle Prom 2023!

And a fantastic vlog of our Normandy Pop-Up with Worldschool Prom:

Thanks to The 5 World Explorers for the Wonderful Vlog of our Pop-Up & Prom!

Aside: because my kids are aging out of prom, this will be the last prom I run personally. But don't worry... our platform will be open for the next generation of families willing to step into prom planning responsibilities! We hope to continue this special tradition for the worldschool teens.

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