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Spotlight: Old Town Charm in Freiburg, Germany

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Willkommen! Come join us and explore the charming town of Freiburg im Breisgau nestled in the Black Forest region of Germany. Freiburg offers sunshine, history, culture, a wide variety of museums, lakes, solar technology, nature events, organ concerts, cutting-edge architecture, delicious food, and laidback old-town charm.

Photos © FWTM Schoenen

The downtown area of Freiburg im Breisgau is picturesque: beautiful buildings, lovely markets, pedestrian-friendly areas, and a gorgeous cathedral. It's so fun to explore the sweet streets and the beautiful Bächle, the little rivers and canals that run through town. The kids will love following the little streams through the city and they may even launch a hired sailboat!

Photo © FWTM Bender

Freiburg also boasts a beautiful cathedral, one of the most well-known spires in Europe! Built from 1200-1330, the Münster is decorated with gargoyles, intricate stonework, impressive bells, and exquisite stained glass (some of which are a nod to the donors which helped fund the church -- look for the pretzel as a thank you to the bakers guild). It also includes the old monastery... plus brave explorers can even climb the spire for a fantastic view of Freiburg and beyond!

Photos © FWTM

The area around the cathedral offers plenty of places for relaxation and refreshment with a lovely daily market, park benches, bike rentals...but that's not all. Freiburg has fountains, squares, canals, parks, old city gates, Klein Venedig ("Little Venice" watch for a crocodile in the canal!), and architecture sure to please the eye! Each day of our pop-up gathering will explore a different section of the city so you'll get to know all the little nooks and crannies.

Photos © FWTM Mende

And, if you want to escape the bustling streets, wide-open nature is just a short distance away. Freiburg has numerous parks, lakes, playgrounds, and walking & hiking trails. Our pop-up will fully take advantage of the greenspace around Freiburg with trips up the mountain, stops in the gardens, visits to Seepark Freiburg (local lake with boating, a restaurant and a playground), animal spotting at Freiburger Rieselfeld nature reservation, and the alluring Carolinengrube Sexau (land surrounded by water) with the best castle ruin in Baden-Württenberg, Castle Hochburg!

Photos © FWTM Antal

In addition to these activities, the pop-up also includes a stop at the Solar Tower and the Innovation Academy with inventive solar powered architecture, the interactive Schauinsland Silver Mine Museum, a planetarium, and the option for a day trip to other nearby towns, the largest cuckoo clock, Europapark Rust or Steinwasenpark amusement parks, waterfalls, castle ruins, or excursions into France or Switzerland! There is so much to do!

Green City Photos © FWTM Schoenen

But most of all, you'll have the opportunity to meet and connect with other traveling families from all around the world. There is nothing like finding an accepting community of fellow worldschoolers... we are so happy to invite you into our mobile communities!

Please join us October 17-24, 2022 in Freiburg im Breisgau. Rates are US$70/family with discounts for solo parents and early bird purchases. Tickets are available online: Freiburg Pop-Up and more information about our events is found here: Event FAQs. Happy travels!

Photos © FWTM Escher

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